Open Learn & Play Hour - $13                                     Accident Waiver Release Form

Open-ended play is essential to a child’s development. Children have a drive to experiment and create. When kids are free to explore with the simplest materials, they find ways to express and develop their thoughts in imaginative play. The Education Station can provide a way to discover the world around them and to express how they feel while engaging in hands on activities. 

The Open Learn & Play Hour allows our students to participate in four, fifteen minute stations which may include technology and crafts as well as an active and building station. Your child is able to make a choice to which station he or she would like to explore. By giving your child the freedom to explore, it creates an opportunity to develop and create. 

18 Month-Pre K Monthly Punch Card - $89       Accident Waiver Release Form

8 sessions of your choice of Open Choice Hour or Mommy and Me Classes
Potential savings of over $30!

Field Trips      Field Trip.pdf 

We would love to invite you and your class to The Education Station for a field trip! We have created a unique experience for your students. We are offering a two hour opportunity where your students will engage in standard based activities. Each child will participate in four stations including hands on learning and technology opportunities. We have included a choice station and active station as well. Each grade level is correlated with a standard that supports your curriculum. We can accommodate up to 40 students. We are offering this field trip experience for the low price of $5 per child. Teachers and chaperones are FREE! We look forward to meeting you and your students. 

The Education Station K-5 Field Trip Curriculum                                                      K-5 Field Trip Academic Standards

  • Kindergarten- Words are Everywhere                                                                                                Accident Waiver Release Form

  • First Grade- Math is Everywhere

  • Second Grade- Life Science

  • Third Grade- Building Vocabulary

  • Fourth Grade - History of Indiana

  • Fifth Grade - History of the United States

Summer Programs and Events

The Education Station can accommodate your next educational experience. We offer technology, hands-on activities, and most

importantly- FUN!  Education Station Schedule.pdf


Summer School: $189 for 6 week program

This six week class is open to kids Kindergarten-5th grade. We will customize a learning plan for your child's academic level and support skills that are sometimes lost during summer months. Keep your child engaged twice a week for six weeks at The Education Station. Call or email today for more details.

July 5th - August 10th 12:30 - 2:00  Summer School Flyer

The New Twosies, Threesies, and Foursies Program: $109 per month

The Education Station emphasizes early childhood development and incorporates enrichment programs in math, reading, and technology. Our twosies, threesies, and foursies program is designed to help support little ones in this age group to get acclimated with a school setting as well as push them to higher academic levels through active play and hands on learning opportunities.

Mondays and Fridays 10:00 - 11:30 - Program Flyer

Check out our newly released Summer Programs here!!

Birthday Parties/Group Events      Birthday Party Flyer .pdf  

Are you looking to plan your next event where fun and education meet? Well look no further! The Education Station is it! Plan your next birthday party or group event here. We can provide a private party for you and your guests. Call or email us for more details!

Summer Camps: $169 for one month session

The Education Station camps provide a summer program that meets the needs of students entering PreKindergarten-5th grade. Our campers participate in many fun activities with an emphasis on academics and our four core values of honesty, caring, respect and responsibility. Each camp session is one month long from 10:00-12:00. Check out our flyers for each camp!  

Reading Camp June 6th - 29th 10:00 12:00 - Reading Camp Flyer

Math Camp July 10th - 27th 10:00 - 12:00  - Math Camp Flyer

The Education Station: Back to School Class - $59 for one week session

Summer is over already? Where did the time go? Are you and your child ready to begin a successful school year? Well let us help you get the wheels turning! The Education Station Back to School Class will help you and your child start transitioning into classroom situations! We will provide several stations that will help motivate your child to start thinking about their academic goals. What a great opportunity for your child to start school on the right foot! Our staff is prepared to help your child begin the school year on track! 

The Education Station: Kindergarten Readiness Class - $49 for one week session

Is your child ready for Kindergarten? Is he or she feeling a little apprehensive about their new start? Well let’s put their minds at ease and enroll your child in The Education Station Kindergarten Readiness Class. An experienced Kindergarten teacher will help you and your child make the transition seamless as your child engages in Kindergarten readiness skills as well as making social connections with other children. The Education Station Kindergarten Readiness Class will help connect your child with school-like situations and help them forget about their first day jitters. 


Is your school looking for a fundraising opportunity? Look no further! Make a stop at The Education Station. Choose a weekend night for your school and give your students an educational experience they are looking for. Two hours of technology, crafts, choice, and active stations will be made available for your students. The best part of all is 10% of the profits go back to your school! What a great way to help out your building! Call or email for more information!



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