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Your child can engage in the Choice Station which includes (but not limited to) our Technology Station, Craft Station, Building Station, and Puzzle Station. This allows your child to take a “brain break” and make his or her own choice to being part of a social environment while engaging in hands-on learning experiences.

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 Our Approach

While our learning sessions are an integral part of our program, it is The Education Station’s unique approach to engaging each child that makes our center a success. We have available at our facility the option of utilizing our Choice and Active stations so that students are given the breaks they need to readjust, focus, and prepare for their time with our teachers. Our sessions which can be one 90 minute  session or two 45 minute sessions per week allow for students to work under a structured domain as well as be part of an active and social environment.   Below are the Stations your child will have access to while learning at The Education Station. Education Station Schedule.pdf

Located in Northwest Indiana visible from Indianapolis Blvd in Schererville, Indiana, the Education Station is close to the crossroads of US 30 and 41! Need to get some shopping done or squeeze in that yoga class? No problem! With Whole Foods and Strack and Van Til down the street, the Education Station will ensure those errands are accomplished! Need to make dinner date plans? We share the same parking lot with Red Robin. The Education Station can provide up to 90 minutes of learning and fun for your children. We share the same building as Tauber Law Offices at 1435 Eagle Ridge Drive, Schererville, Indiana 46375.
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Our staff will be available to work on any academic need your student is currently encountering in class in our Work Station. Your child will have the flexibility to work on skills he or she needs to strengthen or enrich. Flash cards, literacy units, and grade level material will be available.  Students are encouraged to bring in their homework.

We use a combination of skill assessments, observations with an experienced teacher, and a survey to become acquainted with your child. After a complete assessment of your child’s academic strengths and weaknesses, as well as getting to know his or her attitudes about school and learning, your child will engage in a customized learning session.





The Active Station allows your child to burn off some energy and engage in social interaction with their peers in our 500 square foot indoor playground. See the photo gallery for pictures.

Classroom Station